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Champagne Brunch

All you can drink Champagne for exetra $12 .00 per person
Champagne Brunch includes one fresh fresh squeezed orange juice, 2 Champage, French rolls, soup and vegetables

Eggs Florentine

Poached, on a bed of spinach

Eggs Benedict

Poached, in Hollandaise sauce

Les oeufs Crab Louie

Poached, with crab in Bernaise sauce


Fresh herbs and mushrooms

Quiche of the day


Pasta of the day


La salade d'épinards aux lardons

Spinach salad with a warm bacon dressing

La salade de canard à l 'orange

Warm crispy duck salad with Grand Marnier-orange dressing

La salade création du chef

The chef Jacque salad of the day

Le saumon aux herbs fraiches

Poached Norwegian salmon wiht lemon butter and fresh herbs

Les sand dabs meuniers

Sand dab filets with meuniere butter

Les crevettes à l'anette

Shrimp in a white wine dill sauce

La Coquilles St. Jacques

Scallops, crab meat in a cream sauce with cheese baked au gratin

Le poulet à l 'ail et l 'estragon

Sauteed boneless chicken in a garlic-tarragon sauce

Le canard sauce du chef

Bonedm roasted half duck with the chef's sauce of the day

Les médaillions de boeuf bearnaise

Medaillons of filet mignon with bearnaise sauce

L 'entrecâte à l 'échalotes

Traditional minute steak with shallot butte

Le porc tenderloin

Marinee in red wine Bordelaise with onion

Les patisseries

Les patisseries


Crême Brulée


Crêpes Suzette


Grand marnier Souflé


Le café


Le thé


La lait


Café au lait


L 'espresso




Fresh squeezed jus d ' orange


Le café jacques- Coffee, Grand Marnier, Kahlua, Bailey's, Créme fraiche